Thursday, September 28, 2006

This SHOULD keep you busy until after the weekend......

Once again, I find the posts coming more sporadic as I actually find myself spending more time doing other stuff. This is all I got until next week.... perhaps the posts have not been as regular as you (or I) might have liked, but i'm still in there sluggin....
Here's a hefty helping of 1940's Horror OTR as we lurch into the Halloween season......

Weird Circle I
Weird Circle II

The Sealed Book

More re-done re-posted pre-code comics. CRIME DOES NOT PAY #132. George Tuska is mainly known for his Marvel stuff, but his Pre-Code crime work is WAY more to my liking. Dark and gritty, his street hoods look dangerous and venal, the urban backdrop is tawdry and realistic. Check it out!

WEB OF EVIL #3 by Jack Cole! What a great horror comic! Sharp, crisp art, gruesome stories... lovely, lovely stuff. Definitely CLASSIC Pre-Code Horror!

Here's a repost of a classy Pre-code crime book for your enjoyment! Quality Comics slick art with contributions by Reed Crandall et. al. Love that T-MAN splash panel!

PS. It seems like the ol' Rapidshare has been deleting files like mad... sorry for all the busted linkage... i'll try and fix it after the weekend - but during the meanwhile, my advice would be to grab anything you like while it's still up....
Gotta love that free file hosting - SHEEEEESH!
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