Saturday, September 16, 2006

Diary of Fate (and a buch 'o' reposts)

This show is very similar to "The Clock". 'Nuff Said!
Episodes are -
48/02/23 Peter Drake 11
48/03/02 John Carthage 12
48/03/09 Trina Crowley 13
48/03/16 Joe Mattuck 14
48/03/23 Paul Reese 15
48/03/30 Edward Matthews 16
48/04/06 Tyler White 17
48/04/13 Henrick Potenoff 18
48/04/20 Craig Norton 19
48/04/27 Albert Ricker 20
48/05/04 David Dexter 21
48/05/18 Lloyd Mawson 23
48/05/25 Walter Vincent 24
48/06/01 Phillip Vale 25
48/06/08 Marvin Thomas 26
48/06/15 Nelson Walker 27
48/06/22 Janice Bennett 28
48/06/29 Victor Wakeman 29
48/07/06 Keith Raymond 30
48/07/13 John Haynes 31
48/07/20 Matt Cooper 32
48/07/27 Stanley Becker 33
48/08/03 Rollie Andrews 34
48/08/10 Darrell James 35
Diary Of Fate

This was the only South African radio show I have at hand, 2 episodes of "The Eleventh Hour"...
there are more out there though.....
The 11th Hour

Now onto the reposts.....
and this deserves reposting if anything does.....

Millionaire playboy Jethro Dumont battles evil as... The Green Lama, the world's foremost (and probably only) Bhuddist crimefighter (and no, i'm NOT making this up).

Veteran voice actor Paul Frees played The Green Lama and his alter ego Jethro Dumont with more conviction than the role deserved.

Episodes are -
"The Man Who Never Existed"
"Million Dollar Chopsticks"
"The Last Dinosaur"
and "The Perfect Prisoner".

The Green Lama

Plus - from the datajunkie archive of old paper -

Well, it seems to me I really have been remiss in not featuring one of the loves of my (mis-spent) youth -
the old time cliff-hanger serials of the Golden Days of Hollywood.
My exposure to them, was of course, through television (c'mon... even i'm not THAT old), and mostly through vastly compacted and edited down movie condensations that usually left something to be desired....

but still - there was (and still is) something unique and appealing about them, especially those made by the prolific Republic Studios.

Cool, huh?

I think so, anyway.....
Truth be told... i'll watch almost any of these with very little prompting required at all....

These were also the main form for adaptions of comic stip characters into film versions.... Superman, Batman, Flash Gordon, Captain Marvel, Captain America just to name a few....

This is a way cool fanzine from the '60's (64 pages!) of print ads for this genre of a bygone age....

Great Serial Ads!

Great art in this puppy by Sam Glanzman, Bruno Premani, Joe Sinnott and Reed Crandall (with maybe an inking assist by George Evans?) - great stuff.
Through Time and Space!

Now, i think this was a pretty neat trick i've pulled off with this, so i'm gonna re-post it for tose who came in late... changing a 3D comic from the 1950's into 2D greyscale that is totally readable. God bless Photoshop! Oh yeah... i got this (coverless) for a buck! Cool huh? Art by Joe Kubert, Dave Berg and Norm Maurer. I think you'll be amazed by this book... i was.....
WHACK #1 (St. John)

And then there's this....

Once again, regarding this item, I need to reiterate my opinion on "re-editing of the past", which is a more than common event these days. "Those who forget the mistakes of the past are condemned to repeat them" is the quote, and i hold it to be true, now more than ever. This catalog from Valmor Products extolls the dubious virtues of such products as "Sweet Georgia Brown" Skin Cream and more. By our (hopefully?) more enlightened standards, this artifact is horribly rascist, so if that bothers you, please do not download this file. This document is presented in the interest of preserving a less than flattering artifact from the 1930s, in the hope that we can be grateful for the fact that (again, hopefully) we have matured both as a culture and a species.... or not.
Lucky Mojo / Valmor catalog

And since I seem to be on a run with Charlton's fine "Fightin' Marines" title - here's a selection of swell covers from that title....

Plus i'll re-present this older pdf with a selection by Tom Sutton from that title -


Coming next week - "War is Heck!" - pdfs of these two sterling comics!

PS. Don't forget that all the episodes of "Dimension X" and many other radio series are still available.... check out the convenient links on the top right side-bar!
See you next week!
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