Saturday, September 02, 2006

Trio of Terror and Detective Double Bill!!

Well, i'm still waiting for more feedback on what works best for most folks with regard to the file size of the pdfs, so we'll just have to enjoy some more radio during the meanwhile. Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.

First on out triple-bill is the superlative series from the 1940's - "Mystery In The Air" with Peter Lorre!

Shows are as follows - "The Marvelous Barrastro", "The Lodger, "The Horla", "Beyond Good & Evil', Mask of Medusa", "Queen of Spades", "The Black Cat" and "Crime & Punishment". All are excellent!

Plus, as an added bonus, you also get Macabre!
These shows are from the early 1960's and originate from the Far East Network, a branch of the Armed Forces Radio Service located in Japan. Cool huh? I especially enjoyed The Crystalline Man, Weekend and The Avenger, but they're very well produced and all pretty enjoyable... the scripts are less formulaic than a lot of radio drama from the 60's. There's only these 8, so now you got the set - "Final Resting Place", "Weekend", "Man In The Mirror", "House In The Garden", "Midnight Horseman", "TheAvenger", "Crystalline Man" and "Edge Of Evil".

Here's a creaky (but fun, and not too un-faithful) Australian adaption of the classic tale from the 1930's - Frankenstein (Parts 1 - 13).

Before becoming famous for the portrayal of Joe Friday in "Dragnet", Jack Webb starred in "Johnny Madero, Pier 23", an off-beat action show originating in San Francisco. If you live in "The City", as we humbly call it, or know San Francisco well, you'll find a lot of the one-liners as funny today as they were almost 50 years ago (yes, he's a wise cracking hero in this show!). If you're completely clueless about San Francisco and it's history, don't worry, they're still quite enjoyable anyway, and these encodes of the three surviving episodes are all over 20MBs each, so the sound quality is pretty darn good.
Just don't call it Frisco, and don't say anything bad about Joe DiMaggio and we'll get along fine.......
Johnny Madero, Pier 23 - "Find Pete Sutro"
Johnny Madero, Pier 23 - "Fatal Action"
Johnny Madero, Pier 23 - "The Man Who Chased Himself"

Pier 23 today.....

And last, but certainly not least - Ellery Queen!

Ellery Queen was the pen-name of two cousins, Manfred B. Lee and Frederic Dannay, and is probably the most long-lived fictional detective in American literature, rivaling Nero Wolfe or Charlie Chan, and spawning countless adaptions in other media. There are literally dozens of sites devoted to Queen - far too many for me to list. If you're curious - google him up!

Ellery Queen on OTR!
Well that's it for me until next week - do let me know how you're all enjoying the new hosting options at rapidshare... OK?
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