Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ne*l *d*ms @ Nati*nal Lamp**n!

A long time ago, way back when things were very different in America (in the 1970's) there was a humor magazine that made Mad magazine look like The New York Times. In this magazine, there would be, very often, excellent and astute parodies of comic books. Some of them were by well known comic book artists. Here are three.



Son of God
PS. Once a bastion of barbed satire, it now only exists as a lame franchise, mainly used for the purpose of extolling the virtues of "Frat-Boy" humor and selling lame movies.
What do we have today?
The Onion, The Daily Show/Colbert Report and South Park?
Please........ Don't make me throw you down the stairs!

PPS. Seems like Savefile is no more.
Oh well... It was a nice (and free) ride while it lasted.

PPPS. I'm sorry if this post betrays my bitter curmudgeonly nature, my cynical world-view and my dark pessismism about the unchanging nature of most things in the world.... as the French say "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose"......
Things could always be worse though..... as Ozzy Osbourne once remarked... "I could be Sting" - now wouldn't THAT suck!
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