Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Clock!

Seeing as how i'm quite pressed for time of late, and i'm also known in some circles as "The Little Wonder From Down Under", it seems only fitting that i'll have a droll chuckle or two presenting this off-beat and little known Australian radio drama from the mid-40's, "The Clock". Very much in the vein of "Suspense" and "Escape", but with an Aussie accent.........
I first heard some of these on the Far East Network in the early 90's, and they formed part of my introduction to Old Time Radio, so I have a soft spot for these, to say the least.
This is the first batch (first 14 shows) of over 50 episodes, and i'll try and have the whole series up by the middle of the month. On the down-side of things, if I manage to get anything else up before next Monday, i'll be pretty amazed......
The Clock : 1946-11-10 "The Actor"
The Clock : 1946-11-17 "All The Money In The World"
The Clock : 1946-11-24 'The Story Of John Littlefield"
The Clock : 1946-12-01 "The One-Eyed Cat"
The Clock : 1946-12-08 "Jungle Drums"
The Clock : 1946-12-22 "The Hunter And The Hunted"
The Clock : 1946-12-29 "A Helping Hand"
The Clock : 1947-01-05 "Reference Please"
The Clock : 1947-01-12 "Lively Ghost"
The Clock : 1947-01-19 "Return Of The Vanished Wife"
The Clock : 1947-01-26 "Spangler's Attic"
The Clock : 1947-02-02 "The Bank Vault"
The Clock : 1947-02-09 "The Hitchhiker"
The Clock : 1947-02-23 "Dr. Carter's Experiment"
Oh my gosh... Is that the time!?! I gotta go!!!!

PS. Do prowl the archives while i'm away, many, many file links are still active...OK?
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