Monday, July 24, 2006

Mo' Eye Candy!

Once again, all I have is for you today is some eye candy....
Hopefully it won't rot your mind too much.....
First up - once again, yet even more Virgil Finlay!
Amazing Feb '62 -

Amazing Dec. '61 -

Amazing Dec. '62 -

Amazing May '63 -

Fantastic March '64 -

During the late 60's, when Amazing & Fantastic began to use a lot of reprints, they would often run the original Finlay illustations... here's a few -

From the same period, here's a very nice Finlay Portfolio from Amazing -

Reprinted in Thrilling SF #10 Fall '68 -

Don'y you just love this ad for Amazing from the 50's?

plus some nice covers from Amazing and Fantasy & Science Fiction....

And to finish up, this wonderful cover for J. G. Ballard's story
The Cloud Sculptors Of Coral D
More something soonest!


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