Friday, July 14, 2006

Because No-One Demanded It, But ME!

Look - I really don't care if i'm the only one who happens to like Charlton Western & Romance comics in the whole wide world or not. Don't bother me none, one way or the other.
It's my blog and I get to inflict whatever I want on the world...
so if this is what I want to do, just deal with it.
Ain't I a stinker?
Seriously though folks, these Western books feature some fine art by the likes of Pat Boyette, Sahno Kim(!?!), Dick Giordano, Pete Morisi and many other Charlton stalwarts, and are well worth your consideration. As I continue to assert, comic books are not the sole dominion of the "tights and cape" brigade.

Cowboy Western #50

Black Fury #23

Outlaws of the West #76

Cheyenne Kid #96

Billy The Kid #109

These Romance books fall into the "so-bad-they're-good" category. "Nuff said!

Secrets of Young Brides #8

My Only Love #8

My Only Love #9

See you after the weekend......

PS. If this selection isn't to your taste, do feel free to poke around in the ol' archives... a lot of stuff posted earlier this year is still up y'know....
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