Thursday, July 06, 2006

Still thrashing that ol' Science Fiction thang!

Seems i'm still on the SF kick.... can't be helped, I just gotta go where the spirit moves me.
Orbit One-Zero - "The Unseeing Eye"
Orbit One-Zero - "The Cylinder"
Orbit One-Zero - "The Power"
This is a nice clunky old 6 part SF serial from "across the pond" (as they say), and has that "veddy, veddy" British feel to it
- so do grab some tea and scones, and enjoy the invasion from the void - U.K. style, and of course, at a leisurely pace.
Orbit One-Zero - "The Voices"
Orbit One-Zero - "The Frozen World"
Orbit One-Zero - "The Unseen"
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