Saturday, July 01, 2006

Again - More X Minus 1!

First up, this whimsical tale by veteran writer Murray Leinster (Will F. Jenkins) shows Galaxy Magazine's trend towards witty and light SF/Fantasy, as opposed to Astounding's very hard approach. For such a prolific and talented writer who had a career spanning around half a decade, with very few substandard works in his bibliography, it's strange that he doesn't get more attention....

I don't know if i'm that keen on these illustrations though....

X Minus 1 - "Sam, This Is You"

This story by Robert Sheckley is also quite witty, satirical and downright funny in places. Nice adaption!

X Minus 1 - "Skulking Permit"

Fritz Leiber is another author who seemed to be unable to write a bad story - this is a great adaption too!

X Minus 1 - "A Pail Of Air"

Another ignored talent is James Gunn. Don't ask me why, I have almost all his books and I think he's great!

X Minus 1 - "Tsylana"
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