Tuesday, June 20, 2006

X Minus 1 - Sound and Vision!

To start off with, this adaption of "How-2" by Clifford D. Simak is totally faithful and darn funny to boot.... and the acting adds just the right touch of ubane absurdity - kind of like a robotic version of "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House". An excellent example of the series at its best! Love those illustrations by Emsh!

X Minus 1 - "How-2"

"The C-Chute" (and that's "C" as in "Casualty") by Isaac Asimov is also incredibly faithful to the original story, and a great little story it is too! To my mind, Ray Bradbury (and his myriad supporters) seem to have sold everyone on the concept that he and he alone typifies and exemplifies the "human/humane" side of SF. The ending of this seems to put Uncle Ike right up there, perhaps without the "Norman Rockwell"-isms that Bradbury seems to tend towards.

X Minus 1 - "The C-Chute"

I think Ted Sturgeon's writing style makes him a hard nut to crack for radio, but these guys do a pretty good job, mostly because they leave a lot of it intact. There are two versions of this one, and I only listened to the first, so please feel free to comment on how they compare.....
X Minus 1 - "Saucer Of Loneliness" (1st Version)
X Minus 1 - "Saucer Of Loneliness" (2nd Version)

While I wasn't overly impressed with this adaption of Robert Sheckley's classic tale of murder as entertainment, it's sure a better adaption that the film - .44 calibre bra or not!
X Minus 1 - "The Seventh Victim"

"Thw Seventh Order" by Jerry Sohl uses a pretty hackneyed gimmick as the pay-off, but the radio version is faithful and the acting is well done. Maybe in the early 50's the concept was a new idea... I dunno....

X Minus 1 - "The Seventh Order"

Must admit I haven't got around to listening (or reading) these ones below as yet, so feel free to comment with your opinions....

X Minus 1 - "Merchants of Venus"

X Minus 1 - "Protective Mimicry"
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