Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More Virgil Finlay and SF OTR!

Still kinda busy of late (oh, when will it stop!) but I did squeeze a few minutes out to knock out some new stuff...
Gotta go!

Fantastic Novels March '48

Fantastic Mar. '51

Fantastic Story Summer '52

Fantastic Story Nov. '52

Amazing March '60

Amazing May '60

Amazing Nov. '62

Fantastic Nov. '63

Amazing Jan. '65

Here's some cool episodes from the South African series "SF 68" -
SF68 Andover And The Android
SF68 Castaway
SF68 Death Dust
SF68 Grenville's Planet
SF68 Homecoming
SF68 Jenny With Wings
SF68 Last Rites
SF68 New Wine
SF68 Quest
SF68 Routine Exercise
SF68 Space Cow
SF68 The Answer
SF68 The Cage
SF68 The Will
SF68 Watchbird


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