Monday, June 12, 2006

Robot = Good / Computer = Bad!

Now, i really LOVE both these films, and the books are not too bad either! This adaption of the film, though scarce, is worth the effort to find, as it's quite well-written (unusual for film adaptions from the '50's).

A real nice shot of our boy lookin' good!

"....and the ice-cubes come out here."

I can't help but feel there's some deep Freudian overtones to these pix with Anne Francis though...

... and I don't want to think how many times this spaceship (both footage and the actual model) was used in the original Twilight Zone......
Our pal, Robby The Robot is everthing you could want in a robot... polite, if somewhat of a smart-ass. Kinda like me, I guess. Here he is, my brother from another mother, in "Forbidden Planet" - the radio version from Australia(!?!).
"Forbidden Planet"!

"Colossus, The Forbin Project" from the first of a series of three novels by D.F. Jones is the OTHER side of the coin, and far more probable to occur anytime soon. We make the big brain, give it total control of all the nukes, and guess what happens?

Behave or else is the dictate from the Big C, learn to love the superior machine or glow in the dark.

Yet another great performance by voice artist Paul Frees as "The Voice of Colossus".

Think it won't happen in YOUR lifetime?

Better think again.....

Here's a fabulous adaption of the NOVEL (which came before the movie) starring Barry Morse and Barry Newman -
"Colossus, The Forbin Project"
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