Monday, June 19, 2006

You all know how much I love this riff - uniting radio adaptions of classic SF stories with their covers and/or illustrations from their magazine publication! Let's go!

Dimension X -"Destination Moon" by Robert Heinlein

Tales of Tomorrow - "Watchbird" by Robert Sheckley

Vanishing Point - "Meteor" by John Benyon (AKA John Wyndham)

Next - From X Minus 1 (with their illustrations from original magazine appearances) "How-2" by Simak, "The Seventh Victim" by Sheckley, "The Seventh Order" by Jerry Sohl, "The C Chute" by Asimov, "Saucer Of Loneliness" by Sturgeon, "A Gun for a Dinosaur" by de Camp, "Tunnel Under The World" by Pohl, and "Protective Mimicry" by Budrys and quite a few more!
Can you guess that i've been busy? I knew you would!
Oh, and more Harry the Limey too!

PS - I promise i'll get around to Part 2 of the Atlas Comics thing, honest!
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