Friday, June 16, 2006

"O" is for Orson!

Since The Black Museum and various shows from Mercury Theater (and Campbell Playhouse) have been quite well recieved around here, let's enjoy Orson Welles in various excellent and interesting radio shows from the 30's and 40's! There's some gems in here kids!
Campbell Playhouse 1939/3/10 The Glass Key
Ceiling Unlimited 1942/XX/XX Rulers Of The Earth
Ceiling Unlimited 1943/2/1 The Future
Ceiling Unlimited 421214 War Workers
Ceiling Unlimited 421221 Gremlin Troubles
Ceiling Unlimited Voyages By Man In Time & Space
Columbia Workshop 1936/9/19 Hamlet Pt1
Columbia Workshop 1936/11/14 Hamlet Pt2
Mercury Summer Theater 1946/6/21 The Hitch-Hiker
SUSPENSE 1943/10/19 Lazarus Walks Ep62
SUSPENSE 1943/10/7 Philomel Cottage
SUSPENSE 1943/9/23 The Most Dangerous Game
SUSPENSE 1944/4/13 The Marvelous Barastro
SUSPENSE 1944/5/4 The Dark Tower
This Is My Best 1945/3/13 Heart Of Darkness
Tomorrow '50s Civil Defense Drama Part 1
Tomorrow '50s Civil Defense Drama Part 2
PLUS - to be a completist (and pre-empt any whining) here's a re-post of Orson in "Donovan's Brain" from SUSPENSE - Part 1 & Part 2!

PS - Can do some of the "missing" SF68's
(which i'm pretty sure I had posted previously),
but i do not have "The Noon's Repose" or "The Signals"....

SF68 The Sound Of Thunder
SF68 Wanted In Surgery

- but howzabout we not get too needy and greedy...OK?
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and the last thing I want to hear about is how I don't do enough,
or am not providing everything you want.

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