Friday, June 23, 2006

More SF radio!

One of the most distinguishing facets of Galaxy Magazine, as opposed to John Campbell's Astounding, was the wit and humor that seemed to pervade many of the stories it published. "The Native Problem" by Robert Sheckley is a very good example of this. I really enjoyed both the story and the incredibly faithful adaption from X Minus 1...... and these illustrations by Virgil Finlay are pretty cool too!

X Minus 1 - "The Native Problem"

This story by L. Sprague de Camp is also full of dark humor and irony, and in a lot of ways I enjoyed this a lot more than Bradbury's "Sound of Thunder", which covers similar territory. Another faithful adaption, illustrated by Emsh in the magazine when first published....
X Minus 1 - "A Gun For Dinosaur"

"Tunnel Under The World" has very little humor to it, and is rather more of the Phil Dick "paranoia about the nature of reality" kind of thing. X Minus 1 delivers yet another faithful adaption of the short story.....
X Minus 1 - "Tunnel Under The World"

I must confess that I have yet to listen to this episode: "Soldier Boy" - there's only so many hours in my day you know!
X Minus 1 - "Soldier Boy"

There's also something that separates British SF authors from their American counterparts - Arthur C. Clarke, J. G. Ballard, Fred Hoyle, Brian Aldiss and Wyndham come to mind off the top of my head, but to be honest - i'd have a hard time putting it into words... a certain matter-of-factness about their approach to the fantastic if you will.
I enjoyed this (which is WAY better than the film adaption), and so should you!
Day of the Triffids Part 1
Day of the Triffids Part 2
Day of the Triffids Part 3
Day of the Triffids Part 4
Day of the Triffids Part 5
Day of the Triffids Part 6
I'll be back after the weekend with more something or other.

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