Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Well, we got us a lil' bit 'o' everything today, peoples, so I chose the above title kind of by default -
While looking through an old issue of Amazing I stumbled across this ad for Mike Shayne..... and I really had to share it. They don't do 'em like that anymore kids.... *sniff*

These rather strange illustrations by "Madman" Don Martin from an editorial printed in Galaxy Magazine from 1958. Probably the text by H. L. Gold would make these a bit more explicable, but I like 'em mysterious... just like me!

Variety is the keynote today folks, so here's some fine illustations by Wally Wood, from the previously mentioned Galaxy Magazine -
GALAXY - Oct. 57

GALAXY - Aug. 58

GALAXY - Apr. 1960

Plus some line illustrations from IF, around the same time.....
IF - March 1960

IF - Nov. '60

But Woody didn't just do interior work... sometimes he'd deliver a breath-taking cover or two......

He also did many covers to the Galaxy Novel series, but i've had a hard time locating any of these puppies...
This ad from Galaxy might show why......

A while back I was asking about info regarding radio adaptions of a Robert Bloch story "Almost Human". Here's the payoff....

Dimension X (1950-05-13) Episode 06 Almost Human
X Minus 1 (1955-08-11) Episode 13 Almost Human
And last, but by no means least, here's an amazing Frank R. Paul illustration from 1938 and two from the 1950's -
Words fail me.....

So let's see... Mike Shayne, Don Martin, Wally Wood, Robert Bloch and Frank R. Paul...... not a bad sample platter to make a pop-culture club sandwich with......
See you soonest with more "free-range weirdness"!
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