Thursday, August 10, 2006

......and we're back!

Well, I don't know about you, but I had a lovely weekend, a nice Monday and a pretty darn good Tuesday as well (the early part of which consisted of me sitting in bed eating spaghetti and watching spaghetti westerns with Lee van Cleef...... that's to say he was in the films, not in the bed with me, just in case there was any uncertainty on that point). Tuesday night and most of Wednesday and Thursday was spent drinking and nursing the ol' head two days running, which brings us to tonight.
Of course, now i'm light years away from my point, so i'll just start over.
Alberto Giolitti was probably best known by most 1960's comic readers from his work on Gold Key's Star Trek title, but he also did truckloads of other books for them as well, including an adaption of King Kong that i'm pretty fond of.
And of course, this amazingly cool book from 1964......

John Steele, Secret Agent #1!

Plus, these 2 cool Ditko back-ups from E Man #2 & #4 -

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