Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fightin' Space Adventures!

Here's a trio of good and musty ol' comics transmogrified (is that the right term?) via the power of advanced computing and a little elbow grease into handy dandy pdfs for your downloading and reading pleasure.
First off, another swell Charlton war book - more excellent art by Pat Boyette, and second, a couple of really goofy space opera books - Dell's "Spaceman" #6 with art by Jack Sparling, which has dinosaurs, UFOs, dinosaurs fighting (and biting) UFOs... what MORE do you need to know? Actually, i'd like to know who WROTE this stuff - it's pretty off-the-wall!
Lastly, a couple of selections from Charlton's "Space Adventures" #57... my copy is missing some pages, hence you only get two of the stories. Pretty nice art on one of these by Rocke Mastroserio......

Fightin' Marines 114

Spaceman 6

Space Adventures 57

PS. I think i've got the size/compression ratio worked out for these latest round of pdfs... lemme know how you like 'em....OK?
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