Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hammer and Shayne - by request!

Reposted by request -

Episodes in this file are -
"Saddle Shoes"
"Barney Miller Syndicate"
"Faye Durando"
"Lillian Martin Case"
"Dead Dame In The Park"
"Contract On A Dead Man"
"Man In A Wheelchair"
"Mikes Friend Murdered"
"Babysits Jolie"
"Zelda's Brother"

That Hammer Guy

Episodes in this file are -
"Problem in Murder"
"Blood Stained Pearls"
"Borrowed Heirloom"
"Carnival Killer"
"Case Of The Bayou Monster"
"Case Of The High Priced Twins"
"Case Of The Phantom Gun"
"Case Of The Popular Corpse"

"Case Of The Purloined Corpse"
"Case Of The Wandering Fingerprints"
"Constant Companion"
"Corresponding Corpse"
"Judge Shot, Motive Revenge"
"Crooked Wheel"

"Deadly Dough"
"Generous Killer"
"Grey-Eyed Blonde"
"Hate That Killed"
"Hunted Bride"
"Left Handed Fan"
"Mail Order Murder"

"Model Murder"
"Phantom Neighbor"
"Pursuit Of Death"
"The Man Who Lived Forever"
Mike Shayne
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