Monday, September 18, 2006

Meanwhile, Back In Atom Valley.....

Even though I enjoyed a pretty steady diet of Marvel and DC comics as a kid, I had a special place reserved in the reading pile (usually the bottom, to be read last) for the Gold Key hero titles. Maybe it was the painted cover, maybe it was the stories or art, but mostly it was the characters themselves. They were somehow... just - different.

My favorite Gold Key hero, after Magnus - Robot Fighter, has to be Doctor Solar - Man of the Atom.... I mean to say, can you think of another comic book even WORTHY of getting the artistic output of visionary Richard Powers on the cover?

Created by writer Paul S. Newman and Western editor Matt Murphy, with art by Bob Fujitani, Frank Bolle, Alden McWilliams and Ernie Colon, with amazing covers by Richard Powers (#1 & #2) and George Wilson.

The ol' doc was one of the few 60's heroes who blended science effortlessly with four color adventures.... OK, OK..... it's mostly psuedo-scientific, but hey - this was a comic book.

Dr Solar #11

Well, this is gonna have to be the first installment as my ability to upload stuff seems to be shall we say....problematic. The good news is I did upload Spaceman #6 to the good old relaible rapidshare (ahh.... those efficient Germans, ya gotta love 'em!). Badongo is pretty slow, and that's putting it mildly. Oh well - you get what you pay for with free file hosting.
Back later in the week with more Atom Valley antics!
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