Wednesday, January 25, 2006

i dream, you dream, we all dream of Jet Dream!

I'm still moving at twice the speed of left, so re-posts are all that's coming down the pipe till next week, but you could think of it as "Datajunkie's Greatest Hits" if that makes you feel any better. This was the back-up feature in Gold Key Comics "Man From U.N.C.L.E" title, which was spun off into issue #1 (and only). Art chores by Joe Certa, who also drew "Manhunter from Mars" at DC in the 60's. Maybe i'm just a pervert (OK... i am a pervert, but a nice one) but i really do think we need more jumpsuit wearing, karate chopping, ass-kicking action gals in the media landscape (and please don't talk to me about Electra, OK? Whole different vibe if you ask me - but then again, the first Austin Powers film did get pretty close for a moment here and there). i know that this is probably not going to happen anytime soon (maybe just in my dreams), so i guess i'll just go home and watch "Goldfinger" instead. Or maybe not, now that i think of it.... i've probably seen that film dozens of times, and i do know how it turns out, not to mention the fact that i could watch a movie i haven't seen... or even read a book.... now there's an idea....
Sure, it's a guilty pleasure, but you know you want to anyway....
JET DREAM #1 or here too!
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