Monday, January 23, 2006

Another brief note about file hosting...

Just a quick update to advise all you patient folks that i think i've come up with a better way of doing things.... i'll still be using the free file online hosting guys as my host providers, but i think i can make it a LOT easier for me to re-upload stuff when it gets deleted from their servers. However, if YOU (or someone you know and love) have a server with a fat pipe and plenty of room of the drive and would like to help me out... please drop me a line at my email address (my blogger profile is where you'll find it cats and kittens), because i sure would like to put it up and have it up there "forever", and turn this into a big archive of fun stuff that's just permanently available for all to enjoy from now "till Doomsday"... but that may just be wishful thinking on my part. Keep the faith, i'm still trying to work this mess out... but as i've said previously... NO ADS here! FREE internet content is not unrealistic to achieve. Or at least to try to achieve anyway.
In other news, i'm doing more than fine... post fire clean-up going real well, and i truly hope that you are all doing well too.
More info (and cool stuff) coming your way as time and circumstances permit.
You are all in my thoughts and i wish you only the best.
Try to be kind to yourself and to everyone around you, friends and strangers alike, as this life is WAY to short to do otherwise!

Warmest regards -
Your pal, Hyper Dave (AKA the datajunkie) - Over and out!
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