Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Who listens to the radio?

As i look around and take stock, i find that i seem to focus too much on the "funny" funny books and not nearly enough audio from the (G)olden days of Radio, and yet i know many of you enjoy this aspect of my "virtual bachelor pad" as much as, if not more than, the "stinky little books" on pdf... so here's a very mixed bag of horror-type radio shows that i hope will help to keep thing more balanced... if that is a term that can be applied to my unique and somewhat skewed world-view... but then, i like to go to my barber and while i'm waiting my turn, watch him give a customer a old-fashioned straight razor shave while gleefully singing selections from SWEENEY TODD while he's doing it! i've yet to get one myself for fear that i'll burst out laughing and cause a nasty mishap. Before you jump to the conclusion that i'm just the owner of a sick sense of humor i should mention that every time i watch the film Se7en, i cry like a baby at the end...
Now... on with the radio!

Creeps By Night with Boris Karloff
Black Chapel - Crawling Terror
Black Chapel - Mahogany Coffin
Black Castle - Escape to Death
Mercury Theater - Dracula with Orson Welles
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