Saturday, January 14, 2006

Mojo rising (Valmor catalog)

First of all, i need to express my opinion on "re-editing of the past", which is a more than common event in todays media landscape. "Those who forget the mistakes of the past are condemned to repeat them" is the quote, and i hold it to be true, now more than ever. This catalog from Valmor Products hawks such "wonderful" products as "Sweet Georgia Brown" Skin Cream and the like. By todays (hopefully) more enlightened standards, this artifact is horribly rascist, so if that bothers you, please do not download this file. You have been warned.
This document is presented in the interest of preserving a less than flattering artifact from the 1930s, in the hope that we can be grateful for the fact that (again, hopefully) we have matured both as a culture and a species. Let us not forget that this kind of thing was widespread, mainstream and acceptable. Today, we (should) know better, and things like this serve as a reminder of a less enlightened mind-set. We are all humans, and that's that. It's what's inside the package that TRULY counts....
As a space alien would likely say..."People are just like bananas..... peel 'em and they're all the same..."

Lucky Mojo / Valmor catalog or here too!
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