Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Eerie magazines - 1.5

Still collating more info on Myron Fass (or "MF" as he was know to some)... kind of hard to separate the fact from fiction with this character! A unique blend of capitalism and crackpot-ism, to be sure! So, during the meanwhile.... here's a little something to tide all you gore-hounds over.....
Even though i've been known to say this : "No one shall ever laugh at me again! NO ONE!" .... the (obviously) mad scientist in "Vampire Flies" says it with so much more sincerity than me! "Vampire Flies"!?! is the lead story in this issue of Terror Tales, and once again, illustration chores on this (and "Heads of Terror" later this issue) are by another mystery artist! So much of this stuff is unsigned and uncredited! AARGH! anyway... "Reincarnation" by Eerie regular Oscar Fraga is OK (if dumb), but the "highlight" has to be the infamous Dick Ayers thrill/kill opus "I Chopped Her Head Off!" (...oh this one's GOOD... and has some very nasty psychological underpinnings... so... like i keep asking - who writes dis stuff?), although "The Claw" by Ezra Jackson is probably one of the most typical Eerie stories you'll read. Short on plot, gory on the art and everybody dies at (or before) the end. For a low-rent ripoff of "THEM!", "The Man Who Didn't Believe" has a pretty strange plot, an even stranger story structure.... and that ending! Oh, if giant ants were the only weirdness you'd find lurking in the New York Subway tunnels in the 70's."The Heads of Terror" features artwork by our as yet unidentified regular contributor. Any ideas folks?
Juicy tidbit of the day - Dick Ayers complained to Myron Fass that the material was too gory when he first started to produce this body of work... says (gun-freak) Myron - "Go see "The Wild Bunch", and THEN tell me if it's too violent!" (from Alter Ego interview with Ayers).
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