Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Datajunkie presents Lux presents Hollywood!

One of the nicer presents i got this year was a very tasty boxed set of all "The Thin Man" movies with William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick and Nora Charles. i had forgotted just how good these films were, mostly due to the unique chemistry between Powell and Loy. The only word i can use is delightful.
What's this got to do with you, i hear you ask.... well, that got me thinking (...fade in scary music), and i had a quick sift through the archives (....we've got truckloads of it 'round the back) and thought i'd get to work (...yes boys, that's me there by the cement mixer).
Here's a nice selection of movie adaptions from LUX presents Hollywood, including the first 2 Thin Man movies, some Hitchcock..... as well as a few others that might be familiar to you all. Share & enjoy (... i gotta come up with a new tag line one of these days....)

Lux Presents June 8th 1936 - The Thin Man
Lux Presents June 17th 1940 - After The Thin Man
Lux Presents Feb. 9th 1948 - The Lady In The Lake
Lux Presents March 8th 1948 - Spellbound
Lux Presents April 9th 1951 - The Third Man
Lux Presents Fe. 3rd 1951 - Strangers On A Train
Lux Presents June 7th 1954 - The Naked Jungle
Lux Presents Feb. 15th 1955 - Treasure of Sierra Madre
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