Saturday, January 07, 2006

Since i'm down in the dumps... let's visit Ghost Manor!

So... the strangest thing happened to me last night (or to put that another way - "the strangest thing that happened to me last night was this:" unfortunaltely, strange things happen to me all the time.... lucky, lucky me...)
The thing of it was this... i had the night off from work and decided to get an early night of it (looks good on paper, right team?)... which seemed to go smoothly until about 1.30am when i woke up and just couldn't get back to sleep.... warm milk - you name it... all no good! So here it is almost 10 and i'm still up! This is not what i had planned for my Saturday, so i figure i'll go to my local (non corporate) beanery, get some coffee and write some code. Fun, fun, fun! Oh well, if you can't be happy, be productive! Since i've been very productive recently, that may give some insight as to my mood of late...

GHOST MANOR #3 or here too!

Since it's the new year, and a time for new beginnings (or new calenders at the least) Your man, hyper dave (AKA Your host, the datajunkie) has, to be honest, no clue how this year's gonna go! Earlier this week, it was all aces.... later in the week, more like two black aces, two black eights and a five of diamonds (Wild Bill Hickok's "Dead Man's Hand") i have worked out a few things though, so in no particular order (and mostly for my own benefit), here's "Hyper Dave's Tips for a Happy New Year" -

GHOST MANOR #4 or here too!

1) If you think something is too good to be true, it probably is, unless you're a cynical pessimist, in which case you might need to work on the old reality model (sounds like me!)
2) Don't believe everything you read, especially if you wrote it.
3) Culture is not your friend ( sure isn't mine... don't ask why).
4) You can't be too lucky, except maybe in Vegas, where it may get you in trouble.

GHOST MANOR #5 or here too!

5) Follow your dreams wherever they take you, unless you want to be on "Survivor", in which case, you're on your own.
6) Don't confuse malevolence with incompetence (... hard, but do-able)
7) Nobody can handle the truth, it's not just you.... ( i know i still have a hard time with it, and i'm a pretty tough cookie..)
and finally...
8) Remember - there's ALWAYS a victim, just don't be it!

GHOST MANOR #7 or here too!

i know the format of todays.. uh.."post" is unusual, but that's what you get when i don't get a good nights sleep....
plus to be honest, i've got a lot on my mind lately.... new opportunities, new directions... it's all very tiring to say the least.... and the dichotomy of the self doesn't help at all... you know how it is... some days you feel like an unstoppable force of nature, other days like a completely useless loser.... you can't get even! i know i can't!

GHOST MANOR #8 or here too!

At least i got some cool books up for your enjoyment betwixt my ranting and rambling, so maybe the last few hours have not been a total and complete waste of my time and energy - and there seems to be a lot of things falling into that category over the last couple of months... now i may agree with the Zen concept that "All life is struggle", but as i'm fond of saying, sometimes enough is too much! Some days i fear my internal psychic landscape looks a lot like Gallipoli (google it up if you have to... i'll wait...) and i sometimes wish my critical nature wasn't turning inwards as much as it has of late. Too may hard questions and no easy answers.

GHOST MANOR #9 or here too!

...oh yeah, about these darn comic books.... they're all pretty good, some are reposts, some are up for the first time, and all are re-done - usual gang of off-trail artists - Ditko, PAM, Sutton, Boyette et al. i know i should have more to say on these puppies, but not right now folks..... today i feel a lot like life is a kick in the balls, and it's hard to make light frothy chat about Charlton comics (wow, i am a gloomy S.O.B. today!). So, how's it all gonna turn out? How the heck should i know?

GHOST MANOR #11 or here too!

Is my deliverance at hand? Did chasing a dream turn into stalking the nightmare? Am i just pulling the wool over my own eyes? Mother of mercy, is this the end of Rico? All this and a bag of chips waiting in the car park with a baseball bat? Only time will tell, my droogies.... tune in tomorrow - Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

GHOST MANOR #12 or here too!

PS. Thanks for your indulgence, hope y'all are enjoying the comics!
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