Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stuff you might have missed (and a few folks who get dissed)

While i am still a very busy chap of late, i don't believe that anybody feels the way i do about you.... and we've never even met! Maybe i'm just carrying this random act of kindness thing too far, but i'm in way too deep to stop NOW.... when we're all having so much fun and such... Reposts are all we're gonna get on the wire today though... but as i say, something is ALWAYS better than nothing, and i hope that you'll be patient while get ahead enough to do some new stuff.... (i know you will, because you're my kinda folks).
By the same token, a quick aside to a couple of you... please do not be impertinent enough to whine about how you are not getting enough free stuff as soon as you'd like. Come on..... just think about what you're doing here and take the opportunity to make a GOOD DESCISION. If you want to whine - i'll REALLY make you whine and just take a nice long extended vacation from this - goodness knows, i could use one right now! I've put way too much time, energy and effort into this just to have some greedy wretch or three making oblique comments and/or sending me smarmy email, getting up in my grill in this most ungrateful, wholly disrespectful and unseemly manner. In other words, to quote the late, great Bill Bixby as Dr. David Bruce Banner - "Don't make me angry... you won't like me when i'm angry!"
Are we clear on this?
Good... i knew you'd see it my way.
After all - it's my way, or the highway... OK?
All i see is smiles all round... let's go to town!

While Russ Manning was well known for Magnus, Robot Fighter and Tarzan, he also did some other one-shots at Gold Key, including a wonderful adaption of this film starring Guy (Zorro, Prof. John Robinson) Williams. This is the real stuff kids!
CAPTAIN SINDBAD by Russ Manning or here too!

Due to a bit of of a minor foul-up on my part, some of the scans of this book didn't turn out at all and i didn't check them before it left my hands... but i was lucky enough to have some of the stories reprinted in black and white in a Stanley Morse 60's horror magazine, hence the switch from color to black and white in this file.... take it or leave it folks!
CLUTCHING HAND #1 or here too!

What can i say... THE team supreme..... these two men changed the face of modern culture over and over without even breaking a sweat! Joe Simon and Jack Kirby are the standard which all are measured against, and few fail to even approach. Genuflect and be thankful, bow your heads and give praise - these two were the first and in some ways still the best. Today's snot-nosed creators with egos the size of planets could learn not only from their craft, style and skill, but also how to create with originality. These two put more ideas in a single issue than most of today's dirtbag "stars" cram into a years worth of product. We will NEVER see their like again, and we are all the poorer for it. When you read books like this, you can't help but realize how much most of the trash on the stands today TRULY SUCKS!
BLACK MAGIC #25 by Simon & Kirby or here too!

One of THE shining stars at EC was Jonny Craig, who later returned to the comic industry in the 60's, turning in great stuff at Warren, and also inking Iron Man at Marble. This very interesting story is from the tamer than tame ACG line, and is a cut above their usual drek. All the ads are included in this file for your amusement and education.
UNKNOWN WORLDS #36 with a story by Jonny Craig! or here too!

Speaking of Iron Man ("Heavy boots of lead, fill his victims full of dread!"), George Tuska also did a stint illustrating the adventures of Tony Stark and many others at "The House of (Jack and Steve's) Ideas", but his Pre-Code crime work is WAY more to my liking. Dark and gritty, his street hoods look dangerous and venal, the urban backdrop is tawdry and realistic. Check it out!
CRIME DOES NOT PAY #142 with some excellent art by GEORGE TUSKA or here too!

More stuff (probably) after the weekend, oh faithful ones!
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