Wednesday, September 27, 2006

DITKOMANIA Strikes Again!

Yeah, yeah.... so I haven't been that visible of late, but that doesn't mean I haven't been a busy little datajunkie while i've been out of your field of vision.



First of all, i've been busy re-doing these ever popular pdfs, thanks to the larger file size made available to us due to the helpful folks at rapidshare. I know these have been up before (more than a few times), but these are way bigger and much better. Less artifacting, less compression..... I think they look REALLY nice.

These monster books by Steve Ditko and Joe Gill are among the best books Charlton EVER produced - taking an almost ridiculous format and investing it with more depth than the material deserved.





The first issues of these two titles are reprinted in FANTASTIC GIANTS #1 - Possibly one of the best all-Ditko books you'll ever read.

This was the first book that Steve did after his acrimonious departure from Marvel after the parting of the ways with Stan Lee over "creative difference" over certain elements of Spiderman. Just look at these pages below -

Simply amazing!


But wait, there's more!
OK, so this isn't by Ditko, but it's still a fun book. Interiors by Montes and Mastroserio, cover by Giordano, script by Joe Gill (I would assume).


Here's a quartet of shorts from various Charlton titles from the early 60's that I think you'll also enjoy. "Confederate Girl" and "Believe No Evil" are a bit goofy, but "The Vanishing Men" is the equal to any of his Atlas work from the same period, and "Devil in the Storm" is just excellent.

"Believe No Evil" from UNEXPLORED WORLDS #26

"The Vanishing Men" from UNEXPLORED WORLDS #24

"Devil in the Storm" from STRANGE SUSPENSE #50

"Confederate Girl" from UNUSUSAL TALES #25

And you also get this -
Here's a re-post of an amazing lil' item that has to contain some of the best "Good Girl Art" i've EVER seen by the master of the genre, Bill Ward - plus there's also selections by Wally Wood, Bill Everett and Jim Mooney in here too! This hosting for this file was made unavailable by the fondly remembered savefile implosion, so i'm putting it up again.

The Adventures of Pussycat #1

Coming up before the weekend.... more Wally Wood!
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