Saturday, February 04, 2006

More SF pulp action!

i have a real soft spot for that whole Rocket-jockey continuum thingy... and these Thrills Inc. (from Australia!) are just over the top in that regard. i have two more that are on their way to the scanner soonest, and they're all 50 pages of sheer atom-age nonsense! The writing style is "ripping adventure" to the hilt, and the illustrations are just great plus the covers are to die for!
i'm trying to diversify the content here, so look forward to more pulps, more old time radio, and less of a preponderance of comics (although i'll still continue with the Skywald stuff as fast as i can.... however those take a while to scan and process since they're 64 pages and are a tight squeeze on the scanner glass). Also coming up soon, another choice selection of pulp covers including some nice Ed Bergey images and Part 2 of the big ATLAS project... just got my hot little hands on Planet of the Vampires #1 and Wulf #1 by Larry Hama - and what a great book it is! Now this guy REALLY deserves a LOT more respect from fanboys at large... his interview in the ATLAS issue of Comic Book Artist is a mind-blower, and i agree with everything this multi-talented man of the world has to say there! His work at MARVEL, especially SAVAGE TALES, needs WAY more attention than it gets...
THRILLS Inc. #2 or here too!
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