Thursday, October 13, 2005

Stone-age Ditko - "Stretching Things" & "Hair-Yee"!

Here's a couple of early, EARLY Pre-Code tales by a very young Steve Ditko, both reprinted in the 70's in black and white, scanned by me last week, downloaded by you in a minute or so, and hopefully read and enjoyed by you and your loved ones in the years, nay, even decades to come...... ah, the circle of life in all it's fullness here at the ultra-holistic ashram of the bizarre that is datajunkie H.Q. We cover the fads with NONE of the ads... where the internet is still fun and free... (oops, started to get on the soapbox again, sorry 'bout that).

Anyhow, here's "Stretching Things"

...and "Hair-Yee"!

And please DON'T link directly to my files...OK?
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