Thursday, October 13, 2005

SHOCK - November 1969!

Well here's a lil' gem from Stanley Morse, who produced a multitude of horror comics from the 50's into the 70's under numerous names (Stanmore, Gillmore and the like...). This issue of SHOCK features some WAY COOL Pre-Code reprints.... and i think that his line of B&W magazines in the 70's had some of THE most bizarre covers to ever appear on the newstand (like this one, for example)..... no painted covers that relate to the story here... oh no... any crazy tableau will do over at Morse Publications. So, this should bring us up to speed on the more obscure 70's Horror publishers...... lemme see... Skywald, Eerie, Atlas, Morse.... that's about it... right gang?

Shock - November 1969 An oldie and a mouldie!

Comin' up an a couple of days.... why MORE Halloween fun from Skywald (Psycho #4 & #5!), of course more spooks and giant monsters from the house fave, the big "C" (that would be Charlton Comics, natch) and whatever else i can find layin' around the old datajunkie dungeon....
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