Monday, October 10, 2005

Gorgo #15

More gold from Charltons' early 60's output, where the printing was way, WAY better that in the 70's and beyond. Gorgo #15, what a sweet book! All these giant monster books by Steve & Joe are cool, but this is a really nice one with dinosaur fights and more melodrama than you can shake a schtick at. Steve Ditko may be getting an art assist on this by Eric Stanton, as they first starting sharing a studio together in the early 1960's (...yeah...i can see it now...."Hey, Eric, i need a little help drawing this girl tried to a tree...can ya help me out?"). If you don't know who the heck Eric Stanton is ... please Google him up... i'm not gonna explain EVERYTHING to ya'll! Fair 'nuff?

There seems to be an endearing place in the hearts of "Sturdy" Steve Ditko & "Ole" Joe Gill for the giant monsters, because they did some really excellent work on these books. Just plain old FUN comics... *sigh* ...where did they all go???

Gorgo #15! Get it while it's HOT!
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