Thursday, September 29, 2005

Trouble in Paradise!

Hey, guess what?

i seem to be having some problems with uploading stuff today, so no rampant fun just yet..... *ARGH!*

However, i do have lots of weird and wonderful goodies up the sleeve for the Halloween season, so stay tuned....

PS. DC comics killed the Ted Kord (the Ditko Blue Beetle). i hate it when people start to screw with the classic good stuff. it's as though they just CAN'T leave well enough alone over there. "Let's kill Superman.... let's trash Gotham City..... let's etc. etc." *sigh*

PPS. Now, why can't i buy a Superman comic at the Supermarket? The knuckleheads over at DC (and Marvel too for that matter) should be thinking more about THAT than who to kill (or re-vamp) this month. Sheeesh!
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