Monday, September 19, 2005

WEIRD (April 1968).

Three choice pre-code horror stories from what looks like the notorious Ajax-Farrell line, reprinted by Eerie publications: The wonderful "Careless Corpse" ("yeah... he kept droppin' stuff all over the place...") plus not one but two tawdry tales about facial dis-figurement(!?!) -"Horribly Beautiful" & "Fate Laughs at Clowns"... oh, and that's the right contents page for this issue all right... it's just that sometimes these Eerie books would get the contents page mixed up or just plain wrong.....WEIRD huh?

You know what this'll getcha... don't say i didn't warn ya...

Later in the game, old pros were contacted by editor Carl Burgos, creator of the original Human Torch, to knock out some pretty nasty material for the mags. Most notably were Chic Stone and Dick Ayers.
Here's the over the top "Vampire" by Dick Ayers!
Not to be outdone, here's the even more over the top "Corpse Macabre" by Chic Stone!

PS. Well this is my last post for a tiny while kiddies... i'm just kinda pooped (and more than a bit dis-organized) from moving into a new pad, and as you could guess too much junk and not enuff data makes the datajunkie a dull boy... so here's the deal... i'll change out the radio shows to-nite and them i'm gonna take a little break for a couple of days... OK?
i'll be back before the weekend... so don't fret none....
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