Monday, September 19, 2005


And now for something COMPLETELY different... most of you may not know this about the ol' datajunkie, but he's a bit of a musician and DJ in his spare time... Over the years he's been in several bands and has carried more speakers than you've had hot dinners... anyway, most recently he was in a cool little combo called "Art of Hot".... and like most cool things in this life, they rarely last too long.....
But as they say, the project may be over, but the recordings linger on (and on... and on it would seem). Hardly any of the material from this project got released which is a REAL shame, because i think it's pretty darn good (but what do i know? .... i like horror comics and science fiction pulps... )
Anyhow, check it out for yourself with dat datajunkie man wailing up a storm on the old vocoder in a postmodernist ode to cars and car culture : Art of Hot - "We Like 2 Drive"
PS. yes, i know that i sound like a cross between Johnny Rotten and a Dalek... that's kind of the IDEA.....
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