Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Terror!

Here's a bit of an anomaly for your consideration - now this is after all a horror comic, from the early 60's, with art by EC veteran George Evans.... and it has no Comics' Code stamp! i guess both Gold Key and Dell held that their content was so tame that it wasn't necessary to submit it for approval to the Code. As a result, certain things, well.... slipped under the radar so to speak. Sure this is no masterpiece (in fact the art looks a bit hurried in places) but considering what was being published by Marvel and DC at the time, this is pretty spooky, gothic, atmospheric stuff. I also feel that George captures the likenesses of the actors well in more than a few panels, always a bit of a problem with the old movie adaption comics. Still, this is a pretty nice version of a pretty good film - starring Vincent Price with Basil Rathbone co-starring in the "Valdemar" episode and Peter Lorre's amazing performance in "The Black Cat" adaption, which screenwriter Richard Matheson wisely blends Poe's storyline from "Black Cat" with elements from "A Cask of Amontillado". A nice art job from an unsung master - share & enjoy!
Click here to download the Dell Comics movie adaption of the Roger Corman film "Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Terror" as a pdf!
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