Thursday, September 08, 2005

Datajunkie ist Teufelswerk!

Y'know, with the benefit of hindsight, it probably wasn't a good idea to google up "datajunkie" and see what i got....but then again, it was kind of fun....
So here's the word on the street and my answers to them in as fitting a way as possible. First up - "Voor alle liefhebbers van retro sci-fi: datajunkie. Een pop culture blog met oa links naar originele retro comics - Amazing Stories, etc in pdf formaat!". Well that's self-explanatory, so here's something in the ever so popular

pdf formaat!

Howzabout - "It's guaranteed to make you a UFO magnet." Here's an Alex Schomberg cover that totally deserves to be a fridge magnet and some others that aren't too shabby either!

Then there's this - "Datajunkie hat eine feine kleine Kollektion von Radioshows vornehmlich aus den 40er Jahren mit vielen Horror-Lieblingen". Horror-Lieblingen? ...uh, ok..... Well, anyway, here's Boris Karloff as "Happy Sam, The Record Man" in the Jimmy Durante show from 1947.The weirdness never stops...

Then of course - "Datajunkie scannar gamla amerikanska serietidningar och lägger upp dom på nätet i pdf-format". Back to the old pdf format huh? OK, The wrap your eyeballs around this
by Stevey D. and the gang at the Big "C"!

More to the point is - "Get your weird old comic book fix!". Can't argue with that one can here's
a pretty weird old comic book...

And of course my FAVORITE - "Datajunkie ist Teufelswerk", which i'm told translates to "datajunkie is the Devil's business".... oh yeah, the left hand of God, the right hand of the Devil, that's me.... seriously though folks... these are after all just COMIC BOOKS! With Halloween coming up soon, it's only fitting that things skew a little more into a "Horror-Mood" and since NOBODY REALLY MAKES HORROR COMICS ANY MORE this is all there is.... and i like B-Movies very much, and to me, these books are the 4 color equivalent - cheap, nasty, lurid and wonderful..... delirious tales that are more than a little unhinged....
tales that have the insane strange qualities of say, an Ed Wood movie, a 1940's PRC quickie or a badly dubbed Edgar Wallace "krimi" from the 1960's.... you want Teufelswerk? i'll give ya some o' dat Teufelswerk, buddy! Try
Ghost Manor #9
on fer size! Sweet dreams kiddies... (*heh heh heh* ... exits, doing best impression of EC horror host.....)

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