Friday, September 02, 2005


Y'know, as i was checking the "Spotlight Review" episode with Peter Lorre that i posted earlier this week, i listened to another couple of shows and found them REALLY enjoyable. After all, he did popularize "noise" as a part of music... yeah, yeah, you can talk about Stockhausen or Cage, but Spike was doing it on the air and beaming this "organized chaos" into millions of american homes WEEKLY with corporate sponsorship! Spike was no dummy..... i think i remember reading an interview with surrealist painter Salvador Dali where he said Spike was his favorite bandleader of the era....high praise indeed! Clown or genius? Well, probably a healthy mixture of both... he was the Weird Al Yankovic of his day...... here's a couple more to illustrate my point!
PS. Can you tell i grew up listening to Dr. Demento?

Click here to download Frank Sinatra as Spike Jones' guest on "Spotlight Revue" from 1948 as an mp3! Particularily funny as "Ol' Blue Eyes" pretty much flat out REFUSES to sing with the band!

Click here to download LASSIE (?!?!?!) as Spikes' "musical" guest on "Spotlight Revue" from 1949 as an mp3! Almost like a post-modernist/situationalist Dada-esque performance art piece - Truly amazing stuff!
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