Tuesday, September 06, 2005

JUMBO Comics #72 & World War 2!

Let's enjoy a bit of World War 2 era media, heavily flavored with a healthy (?) dose of propaganda. Be warned - this material is a product of the mindset of the time, and as such features stereotypical portrayals of a derogatory nature. Like it says "The past is ANOTHER PLANET" - i'm sure glad i wasn't alive then, that's fer sure.
Click here to download JUMBO Comics #72 as an pdf!
Here's a selection of suitable audio from the period to enjoy(?) while you read -
Click here to download some "Lord Haw Haw" shortwave propaganda as an mp3!
Click here to download a "Tokyo Rose" broadcast as an mp3!
Click here to download an episode of the WW2 program "London After Dark" describing an air-raid as an mp3!
Click here to download the first Allied broadcast from Radio Hamburg (in 1945) as an mp3!
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