Wednesday, September 07, 2005


OK, so this is my first attempt at crunching a 64 page black and white magazine, and it's only fitting that this one's for all the guys out there that provide all the encoded content that so many of you seem to love so much! So here's to (in NO particular order) record brother, the team over at M-1 (Mr Fab & company!), hepcat willy, science monster, xtabay, the folks at digital oddio/kiddie records, the PCL linkdump crew, Mr Swank, Magnus at Bellybongo, Your Pal Doug, Gojira 69, the ultra-hardworking Houseplant Studios and the many other wonderful people who put both time and money into providing this *cool stuff* for you. (...if i left anyone out, i'm sorry but this goes out to you too!)
In keeping with that, i'm hoping this puppy is SO cheesy on SO many levels that everyone i just mentioned and their dog will find something enjoyable in this, one way or the other.
What else can i say about this hybrid superhero/biker (?!?) book except that it is -
  • One of Skywalds first B & W magazines, long before they starting doing the extremely nasty horror comics SCREAM, PSYCHO, NIGHTMARE etc. under the editorial direction of "Archaic" Al Hewetson.... (more on him next week....)

  • Skywald was Sol Brodsky (ex Marvel comics) + Isreal Waldman (magazine industry veteran) .... so they knew the biz and they hired -

  • Andru & Esposito to do the book....they'd been doing Wonder Woman & Metal Men over at DC, and this non-Comics' Code book allows them to do more adult material. Heh heh.

  • My main man Dick Ayers also does some nice art in here.... lesse.... what else... OH YEAH!

  • It's got LOTS of bikes!
  • So let's go on a run with Hellrider and The Wild Bunch!

  • Click here to download HELLRIDER #1 as a PDF file!

    PS - Can ya gimme some feedback on the crunch? Pleez?

    PPS - Someone wrote and asked if i could zip these up as jpgs rather than pdfs but i prefer the latter format as it seems to work really well on both mac & pc platforms. Opinions anyone?
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