Sunday, September 18, 2005

THE OUTLAW! (Updated!)

i have to repost this one with some helpful corrections by noboruwatanabebop ...i originally said "i really wish i knew who painted this... the guy's a GENIUS...."... shows how LITTLE i know, here's the REAL skinny -

"Or, perhaps, you meant to say, 'That gal's a genius!' The original poster artist for "The Outlaw" appears to have been a lady named Zoe Mozert, who you can read more about here and here. The version of the art which you posted, however, looks slicker than that which is identified as Mozert's work in her biographies, and may well be a re-creation by a different artist for the 1946 re-release of the movie. Note that the skirt in your version is red, while it is blue in earlier (?) version -- I checked the Web and could only find the red skirt on a lunch pail reproduction.

BTW, here's an amusing San Francisco connection for you:

"The poster campaign was as controversial as the movie. Hughes' publicity man, Russell Birdwell, created provocative posters of Russell and plastered them all over San Francisco. Some of the posters used the tagline, "How would you like to tussle with Russell?" while others billed it as, "The picture that couldn't be stopped!" It was a sensation. Some of the posters also advertised that Jane Russell could be seen in person at the theatre, which was the truth. Hughes had been so incensed at the PCA's changes in the film that he had Russell and her co-star Jack Beutel perform a live, twenty minute scene that had been cut from the film following each screening! This went on for the entire six-week run of the film at the Geary."

The rest of the story can be read here. And here's the SF poster.

So now you know... the rest of the story.... Kewl huh? And the image i posted is from 1946 by the way... Let's all give Mr. noboruwatanabebop a big round of applause for some excellent research on this amazing nugget of pop-culture history! Way to go!
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