Monday, October 10, 2005

Charlton Comics Give You More!

Ditko, Sutton. Boyette, Kim, Zeck and many more! Halloweenie cook-out Charlton style from dat ole chef tha datajunkie!

Really primo stuff here folks... Both Steve Ditko and Wayne Howard at their peak on the art in this ish... GHOSTLY TALES #99

Even though they don't herald "Special 100th Issue" on the cover, it's pretty darn special -
first, a very cool ventriloquist dummy story "Don't Talk Back" By Steve Ditko, the GREAT "Last Kamikaze" By Sahno Kim & "Crystal Clear" by Tom Sutton... all top shelf stuff! GHOSTLY TALES #100

Issue #101 features the artistic tour-de-force by Sahno Kim - "The Promise". This is a pic from him in that ish... love the beret!


"Night of the Mummy", by workhorse Steverino D kicks off the issue, and as i was having a hard time finding Mummy content i was glad to find this gem. "There's Life in the Old Girl Yet" proves once again what an unsung genius Tom Sutton was... just LOOK at that art...WOW! "Malediction", cover and story by Pat Boyette... again stellar stuff by another unsung artist. GHOSTLY TALES #114

First ish of this shortlived title, hosted by Mortimer Tishin.... Mort Tishin... get it? *groan* ....i guess Nicola Cuti was hanging out with Joe Gill that day.... i wanted to include the Fred Himes story from this issue but my copy is missing a page - oh well.... BEYOND THE GRAVE #1

Great Mike Zeck cover to a great Tom Sutton story... giant spiders anyone??? CREEPY THINGS #6

Haunted #11 has the excellent Gothic tale By Steve Ditko, "Bride in Darkness"... HAUNTED #11

Haunted #12 features "Eternal Love" by Stevey the D once more cranking it out on tha "Gothic Romance" tip again, plus "The Egg" by Joe Staton. HAUNTED #12
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