Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Devil was a biker!

Well it seems the ol' Record Brother (link just to your right there kids) has the soundtrack to "Hell's Angels on Wheels" as a sharity and i figured i'd join in the fun (thematically) with this AMAZING offering from Haunted #9. Entitled "Brother Satan Rides Tonight" it tells of a biker gang (led by "Brother Satan") who abducts the local lawman and takes him to their hide-out, a dis-used abbey, where they run afoul of the spectre of a dead monk. Sahno Kims' art on this adds a surreal touch to the proceedings, to say the least. Manga bikers! The rest of the issue is actually pretty good, but this story is as dumb as anything you'll ever read.
Click here to download Haunted #9 as a pdf!
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