Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Original Killer Brain in a Jar!

The original "brain in a jar" tale - Curt Siodmaks' ground-breaking cross-over SF novel "Donovan's Brain" - has not only been adapted into two pretty decent movies ("The Lady & The Monster" & of course, "Donovan's Brain") but was also adapted by the long-running radio show SUSPENSE twice as well. The first two-part version from 1944 stars Orson Welles no less, but the quality of these mp3s isn't all that great, so i've included a much tastier encode of an hour-long show from 1948. These adaptions are pretty faithful to the novel, unlike the movies, which truncate or elimate plot threads in typical Hollywood fashion.

Click here to download "SUSPENSE" May 18th 1944 - "Donovan's Brain Part One" as an mp3!
Click here to download "SUSPENSE" May 25th 1944 - "Donovan's Brain Part Two" as an mp3!
Click here to download "SUSPENSE" Feb. 7th 1948 - " Donovan's Brain" as an mp3!
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