Sunday, August 21, 2005

ATLAS COMIQUES - Part the deux- Le Destuctor!

i'm sorry about the title...been watching Peter Sellars as The Inspector in a couple of the "Pink Panther" films this Sunday morning to unwind and some of those speech patterns of his are still in my system i guess.....but on to....Atlas Comics!
Now the total production history of this ultra-short-lived publisher was only about 12 months, but in that period, some gems were produced in amongst the drek. Case in point, as Mr Rod Serling was so fond of saying, was "The Destructor" by Steve Ditko & Wally Wood.

Click here to download Destructor #1 as a PDF file!
Comes as no surprise that this was the Atlas version of Spiderman, down to the red and blue costume. It should also come as no surprise that the art on this book ROCKED! The cover to #1 is also pretty solid too!

Click here to download Destructor #2 as a PDF file!
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