Thursday, August 18, 2005

Haunted, Ditko & 'Ole Joe Gill.

When it's late at night...i starts to thinkin' about horror comics. This probably isn't one, but it's a treat for y'all anyway, a wonderful all-Ditko book! Haunted #1 is ALL Steverino! Man, some of these stories by (i'm assuming) Joe Gill are amazing, and not in a good way. i think he got $4 a page for scripts in the 60's so he hadda crank 'em out with a family to support and all. I guess some days were better than others... Steves' art for this issue is rock solid stuff, and the printing is pretty good for a Charlton book... but those stories...unbelievable...they're all over the place plot-wise, mixing SF & horror and whatever was at hand.....i'm still shaking my head over some of this stuff from Charlton...if you don't believe me check it out fer yourself...
Click here to download HAUNTED #1 as a PDF file!
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