Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Hey, i gots NO idea 'bout this one. Must be from the early 40's, because nothing other that intense paper shortages would make a cardboard toy cost 10c. Yes, that's right folks, it's made of cardboard. Go figure. Hey, i just find 'em..... and sometimes even i can't explain 'em! Just check out the instuctions for this curious item. i thought the assembly instuctions that came with that damn IKEA furniture were the worst till i saw this! You would go INSANE putting this thing together for your kid. And you coudn't let them do it because it's only cardboard! It's no wonder these things didn't catch on in a big way. Maybe they were the kind of thing one might buy at the train station to pacify a young child on a long journey....who can say at this poin t in history what the manufactuers were thinking.....10c does seem a LOT for a piece of cardboard in an envelope though.....

"Dollars of delight for a Dime" indeed!
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