Thursday, August 18, 2005

The FBI Story

You all of course know that Special Agent Dale Cooper (from David Lynchs' Twin Peaks) said once that seeing the film "The FBI Story" was the motivating factor in his youthful interest in joining the FBI. When i saw it as a kid my reaction was similar, it's a nicely done film. I'm sure "Coop" read the comic book as a kid and now you can too! Lovely art by Alex Toth, this Dell comic shows how cool they were before the split with Western publishing that saw the formation of Gold Key in 1962. The Dell line was never the same and dwindled out in the 70's.
Click here to download "The FBI Story" as a PDF file!
Here for your listening pleasure is an episode from "The FBI in Peace & War" from 1958.
"The FBI in Peace & War" - "Jailbait".
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