Monday, January 30, 2006

Amazons of the Asteroids!

Well kids, i'm still very busy and not too chatty, but here's a crazy pulp SF action thriller from Australia circa 1960 - Thrills Inc. #17 (compliments of some F. J. Ackerman guy.... now where have i heard that name before??? ....hmmm, don't tell me... it'll come to me....)
THRILLS INC. #17 or here too!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sometimes i wish i was in the Lost World!

Here's a quick lil' repost of a very nice movie adaption with some nice art by Gil Kane! Hopefully this will tide you over for a wee bit.... OK?
The Lost World or here too!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

i dream, you dream, we all dream of Jet Dream!

I'm still moving at twice the speed of left, so re-posts are all that's coming down the pipe till next week, but you could think of it as "Datajunkie's Greatest Hits" if that makes you feel any better. This was the back-up feature in Gold Key Comics "Man From U.N.C.L.E" title, which was spun off into issue #1 (and only). Art chores by Joe Certa, who also drew "Manhunter from Mars" at DC in the 60's. Maybe i'm just a pervert (OK... i am a pervert, but a nice one) but i really do think we need more jumpsuit wearing, karate chopping, ass-kicking action gals in the media landscape (and please don't talk to me about Electra, OK? Whole different vibe if you ask me - but then again, the first Austin Powers film did get pretty close for a moment here and there). i know that this is probably not going to happen anytime soon (maybe just in my dreams), so i guess i'll just go home and watch "Goldfinger" instead. Or maybe not, now that i think of it.... i've probably seen that film dozens of times, and i do know how it turns out, not to mention the fact that i could watch a movie i haven't seen... or even read a book.... now there's an idea....
Sure, it's a guilty pleasure, but you know you want to anyway....
JET DREAM #1 or here too!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stuff you might have missed (and a few folks who get dissed)

While i am still a very busy chap of late, i don't believe that anybody feels the way i do about you.... and we've never even met! Maybe i'm just carrying this random act of kindness thing too far, but i'm in way too deep to stop NOW.... when we're all having so much fun and such... Reposts are all we're gonna get on the wire today though... but as i say, something is ALWAYS better than nothing, and i hope that you'll be patient while get ahead enough to do some new stuff.... (i know you will, because you're my kinda folks).
By the same token, a quick aside to a couple of you... please do not be impertinent enough to whine about how you are not getting enough free stuff as soon as you'd like. Come on..... just think about what you're doing here and take the opportunity to make a GOOD DESCISION. If you want to whine - i'll REALLY make you whine and just take a nice long extended vacation from this - goodness knows, i could use one right now! I've put way too much time, energy and effort into this just to have some greedy wretch or three making oblique comments and/or sending me smarmy email, getting up in my grill in this most ungrateful, wholly disrespectful and unseemly manner. In other words, to quote the late, great Bill Bixby as Dr. David Bruce Banner - "Don't make me angry... you won't like me when i'm angry!"
Are we clear on this?
Good... i knew you'd see it my way.
After all - it's my way, or the highway... OK?
All i see is smiles all round... let's go to town!

While Russ Manning was well known for Magnus, Robot Fighter and Tarzan, he also did some other one-shots at Gold Key, including a wonderful adaption of this film starring Guy (Zorro, Prof. John Robinson) Williams. This is the real stuff kids!
CAPTAIN SINDBAD by Russ Manning or here too!

Due to a bit of of a minor foul-up on my part, some of the scans of this book didn't turn out at all and i didn't check them before it left my hands... but i was lucky enough to have some of the stories reprinted in black and white in a Stanley Morse 60's horror magazine, hence the switch from color to black and white in this file.... take it or leave it folks!
CLUTCHING HAND #1 or here too!

What can i say... THE team supreme..... these two men changed the face of modern culture over and over without even breaking a sweat! Joe Simon and Jack Kirby are the standard which all are measured against, and few fail to even approach. Genuflect and be thankful, bow your heads and give praise - these two were the first and in some ways still the best. Today's snot-nosed creators with egos the size of planets could learn not only from their craft, style and skill, but also how to create with originality. These two put more ideas in a single issue than most of today's dirtbag "stars" cram into a years worth of product. We will NEVER see their like again, and we are all the poorer for it. When you read books like this, you can't help but realize how much most of the trash on the stands today TRULY SUCKS!
BLACK MAGIC #25 by Simon & Kirby or here too!

One of THE shining stars at EC was Jonny Craig, who later returned to the comic industry in the 60's, turning in great stuff at Warren, and also inking Iron Man at Marble. This very interesting story is from the tamer than tame ACG line, and is a cut above their usual drek. All the ads are included in this file for your amusement and education.
UNKNOWN WORLDS #36 with a story by Jonny Craig! or here too!

Speaking of Iron Man ("Heavy boots of lead, fill his victims full of dread!"), George Tuska also did a stint illustrating the adventures of Tony Stark and many others at "The House of (Jack and Steve's) Ideas", but his Pre-Code crime work is WAY more to my liking. Dark and gritty, his street hoods look dangerous and venal, the urban backdrop is tawdry and realistic. Check it out!
CRIME DOES NOT PAY #142 with some excellent art by GEORGE TUSKA or here too!

More stuff (probably) after the weekend, oh faithful ones!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Another brief note about file hosting...

Just a quick update to advise all you patient folks that i think i've come up with a better way of doing things.... i'll still be using the free file online hosting guys as my host providers, but i think i can make it a LOT easier for me to re-upload stuff when it gets deleted from their servers. However, if YOU (or someone you know and love) have a server with a fat pipe and plenty of room of the drive and would like to help me out... please drop me a line at my email address (my blogger profile is where you'll find it cats and kittens), because i sure would like to put it up and have it up there "forever", and turn this into a big archive of fun stuff that's just permanently available for all to enjoy from now "till Doomsday"... but that may just be wishful thinking on my part. Keep the faith, i'm still trying to work this mess out... but as i've said previously... NO ADS here! FREE internet content is not unrealistic to achieve. Or at least to try to achieve anyway.
In other news, i'm doing more than fine... post fire clean-up going real well, and i truly hope that you are all doing well too.
More info (and cool stuff) coming your way as time and circumstances permit.
You are all in my thoughts and i wish you only the best.
Try to be kind to yourself and to everyone around you, friends and strangers alike, as this life is WAY to short to do otherwise!

Warmest regards -
Your pal, Hyper Dave (AKA the datajunkie) - Over and out!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Four Alarm Fire! the building where i work! Today! My place of employment untouched, but other parts and common areas pretty trashed. i'm gonna be REAL busy with cleanup and the like for the forseeable future. If this isn't all hands on deck i don't know what is. Nobody hurt... God Bless the San Francisco Fire Dept. i'll keep you posted, nothing till next week. Sorry.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Brief note about file hosting...

As i had previously stated, a lot of the new file hosting options were experimental while i determined which ones worked more efficiently and effectively. I'm pretty happy with both Rapidshare (although if you're going through a proxy, like aol, i doesn't work) and put file. Sendmefile is about as reliable as a crackhead, and they don't seem to be able to keep things up for more than a week or so. Mytempdir is also hit and miss, but Savefle seems OK....In fact, it's the real star out of left field , and i think i'm going to use it a lot more. I'm still continuing to look around for more alternates, and hopefully some of them won't be utter cr*p, but hey, it is FREE... so you do get what you pay for in a lot of cases. Any feedback and suggestions (no whining!) on this topic would be more than welcome, as i'm trying to find an arrangement where things will just stay up indefinitely, and the "archives" will turn into just that. To be honest, i'm getting pretty sick of rechecking older posts and re-uploading files on a pretty regular basis.

What do you want from life?

While going over my archive (don't THAT sound all official and stuff) i came across what i think is probably my best and easily most serious post, so i'll put it up again now (with just a wee bit of tinkering and some late but vital additions), since it's as valid today as it was when i first did it a while back. It very easily qualifies as a king-size rant, but ranting is good, if it shakes up the applecart a bit, so without further ado....
One rant coming up:

The biggest problem in the world today, to my mind, is our collective lack of any conceptualized future on an individual and planetary scale. Our ancestors in the late 19th and early 20th centuries had some concept of a better tomorrow... and there was an acute awareness of the importance of the inner landscape of the self, of the soul.

Now it seems we can't examine ourselves with any degree of honesty or extrapolate trends past next weekend..... except for a handful of writers/scholars - J. G. Ballard, William Burroughs, Noam Chomsky, William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Camille Paglia, Antonella Gambotto (do yourself a favor and check out her website if this is a new name to you - SHE ROCKS!) and a few others i'm sure i've left out. What the f*ck happened?

Something seems fundamentally wrong with this mindset, and i believe it is a collective cross-cultural "cop-out" as they used to say in the 1970's. i may be a big cynic, but i think almost everyone's in denial because it all boils down to doing some really hard work. Considerate thinking (that is to say, logical extrapolation of current data tempered by some degree of compassion, or as the cops in "Law & Order" always say - "Play it out", like a hand of cards, or a chess problem for example) involves some hard knocks to the old reality model, especially if you start thinking about major technological, psycho-sexual, geo-politcal, commercial, climatic and other global trends over the last 30+ years and how it affects you.

Our future, apart from being none too rosy, also isn't what it used to be. These images may be a little naive and goofy - say what you will - our parents and grandparents at least had some ideas on these topics. Now we just seem to blindly go where events take us, both in our own lives and on a planetary scale, and most of us just skate through the madness shrugging our shoulders as the most insane and horrific latest developments continue to pile up at an alarming rate. But i don't think it has to remain that way. A little bit of thought and planning by each of us (me included) would sure go a long way towards making things a little more sensible. Changing the self is also, i feel, an integral part of changing the world. As within, so too without.

i know i'm up on the soapbox about this, but this issue is fundamental to what i'm trying to do here in some small off-kilter way - i know, as a species, we are WAY more capable than we think, and that would apply on a personal basis as well....... but we do have to THINK about what kind of future we want for ourselves as individuals, for our descendants and for our species and ACT accordingly. Or? All too soon the words of the great Johnny Rotten come true - "No Future For You". Full stop in pre-sent time.

Or to put it into simpler terms "What i don't know can't hurt me" can turn into "I never knew what hit me" if ya don't watch out... and it WILL too. i am speaking from bitter experience on this point. my own willful ignorance has f*cked me up more than i would care to discuss, but trust me on this. You know i'm right. You see it all around you every day.

Why should i be all rabid about this? Since i started doing this blog-thingy (by the way, i really do detest the term "blog"... it's about as graceful as a brick) i have actually managed to start to get my own house in order, sure i got a little help and some good very advice from people who have it WAY more together than your humble host, but the main part came from me getting off my butt and doing something pro-active about things i was less than happy with. For example, i was always talking about how i wanted to write, but i never did anything other than flap my lips. One day i decided to FORCE myself to do this "activity" here, which pushed me into writing almost every day, even if it was cr*p. i soon found that with a little effort on a daily basis, i could start to change things in a positive direction. Now, i'll be the first to admit that my prose style still needs some work (probably a sh*tload of work), but at least i'm learning from my mistakes, searching for (and maybe even finding) a style, and have proven to myself (mostly from all the kind and thoughtful comments many of you have made) that i maybe wasn't just talking smack after all. All this in just 6+ months. i know i still have a long way to go, but the worst of it is over, and i feel better about myself than i have in a LONG time. This is just one example from my own experiences of late. Case in point. End of story.

i'm really not trying to preach here ("Oh really?" i hear you say), i'm just letting you know that ultimately, any and all effort is rewarded, from both within and without... and the alternative?
Well, when you really think about it, escapism is NO ESCAPE. Why not just take some Thorazine and sit in the corner like a good little cabbage until your grave is ready? To paraphrase a line from Morgan Freeman's world-weary character in the must-see film "Se7en" - "I don't want to live in a culture that extols apathy as a virtue".
"But why do i have to read through all this just to get my pop culture fix?" i hear you ask. That's just how it is now at datajunkie central.... it's a whole new ballgame. And you thought this was all for free. Nope. Everything has a price. If you want to play, you have to pay. It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt... unfortunately, we have ALL been hurt. Each and every one of us, usually without cause, and usually on a daily basis.
Change is slow and change is painful, but never impossible.

i sincerely hope that didn't hurt too much, but if it did... don't worry, it'll heal, and scar tissue builds character.

Regular, more tranquil reports will follow as normal programming is resumed and we will again return to the more frivolous world of stinky old comic books, creaky old radio shows and whatever seedy and bizarre cultural flotsam tickles my fancy.
Thanks for your time.
Return to your homes.
Nothing more to see here.
Please move along.
That is all.
Transmission ends.
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